Nicole Matthews has Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Publishing) and an Advanced Diploma in Editing. She works full time as an instructional writer and as a nonfiction and fiction editor.
When not creating textbooks to torture students or editing fiction to torture writers, Nicole enjoys reading, hanging out with her kids, husband, dogs, cats, horses and alpacas on their farm in Central West New South Wales.

When asked how she edits, Nicole replied with, “Compassionately. I believe most writers recognise when something might be ‘off’ with their work, but can’t quite pinpoint it. It’s my job to find the ‘off’ bit and help the writer to make decisions about fixing it.” Nicole likes to use question and answers to help the author polish the work to the highest standard while at the same time helping the author to grow. Nicole’s philosophy on the editing process is “it shouldn’t hurt. I want my writers to be happy and excited when they get my comments back. Not full of dread. After all, we’re both working for the same thing. Getting their story as amazing as possible.”

Nicole has been running Matthews Editing and Writing Services since 2005 with clients across Australia, including government, emergency response agencies and private enterprises.

Nicole can be contacted directly at www.nicole-matthews.com

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