Coaching and Mentoring

A writing coach helps you focus, provides perspective, encouragement and guides you through difficult patches. Regardless of whether you are an organic writer (sounds nicer than pantser) or an architectural writer (plotter), we can help you reach your goals.

A writing coach and mentor can help you:
• Achieve or clarify your writing goals.
• Improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation skills.
• Develop plots that are engaging, realistic and enthralling.
• Develop characters with real struggles the reader will empathise with.
• Identify your writing style, voice and best-fit genre.
• Get organised and stay organised.

We are able to help you:
• Identify, define and prioritise your writing goals.
• Focus on your objectives.
• Overcome the challenges impacting your writing life.
• Reach daily or weekly writing goals.

Sometimes you just need an objective person to listen and empathise with your situation. Sometimes you need someone to kick your butt and tell you to sit and write. Your writing coach and mentor is that someone.

Coaching Packages

This package gives you an accountability buddy, a sounding board and a cheer squad. We help you:
• Organise your project.
• Determine the most appropriate writing schedule.
• Select goals, both short and long term.
• With research.
• Outlining, plotting and structuring.

At the beginning, we chat and set daily/weekly or monthly writing goals. These may be word counts, research tasks, structure or other relevant goals.

As you achieve each goal, you can shoot me an email to let me know you’ve done your tasks if you wish. Each week you get an hour of editing and critiquing of the work you’ve sent me. If you select to send any.

At any point during the week you can email me problems you’re having and every Friday I offer advice, suggestions, congratulations, commiserations or encouragement as you need either by email, Skype or other communication method that works for both of us.

This package costs $100.00 Australian per month, (minimum commitment is 2 months) Included in this package is:

• Weekly critiquing of your work addressing style, consistency, characters, plotting or you can nominate a particular weakness you would like help with.
• Feedback on your work.
• Assistance, encouragement and accountability with meeting your goals and targets.
• An outside sounding board who will give you an honest opinion.

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