Review – Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark is Karen Rose’s latest romantic suspense thriller, released in Australia in November. Alone in the Dark follows Scarlett Bishop as she works with Marcus O’Bannion to solve a murder and crack a human trafficking ring.

Fans of Karen Rose are already familiar with Scarlett and Marcus as we met them in the previous book, Closer Than You Think.
I love Karen Rose. I eagerly look for her book each year and pre-order it as soon as it’s available. As soon as Alone in the Dark arrived, I dived into the story, hoping to be transported for a weekend.

Was I disappointed? A little bit. I enjoyed the crime/thriller component of this story much more than the romance. While there wasn’t anything overtly wrong with the romance component of the story, it seemed underdeveloped. Which was a tad disappointing. The relationship between Marcus and Scarlett was pre-ordained in the previous book, which was fine, but the path for them to move from unrequited longing to committed partners was just too smooth. Too simple. I understand the romance component of the books is just a sub plot but normally with Karen Rose books, the relationship angle is developed a bit more.

The crime component of the book was twisty, complex and involved, just as I expected. I was surprised by some of the turns which was wonderful. The complex back history of Marcus was more fully explained but I was astounded by the lack of identifying the serial killer who had wounded Marcus and killed his brother in Closer than You Think. For those of us who read each of the novels, it was understood how the killer was able to impact Marcus, but for those who didn’t read the previous novel, I think the regular references to the incident would have been annoying.

At over 600 pages this is one of the longest Karen Rose novels and could have been edited down a tad, but overall, this is a solid read with amazingly good character development. Not a single character is one dimensional or underdeveloped. Highly recommend this book, if you enjoy taking the time to really get to know the characters.

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