Review Policy

As I’m doing more and more reviews on the site I have decided that I will open reviews up to anyone with a book. Self published, traditionally published, smoke signal published, I don’t mind.

I will review:
Crime and thriller novels.
True Crime.
Romance, but NOT erotica.
Some young adult.
Fantasy and High Fantasy.

If you have a novel that doesn’t meet fit into these genres I will consider reviewing it based on back cover blurb.

All reviews will be honest, based on my personal reaction to reading the work. I don’t guarantee a favourable review for anyone, and if the work really offends me, I may choose to not review it at all. I do not guarantee a timeframe for review but will attempt to ensure a review is posted within 14 days (depending upon the number of books I am reading). Reviews will be posted here, at Goodreads, Amazone and NetGallery (if applicable).

Submission of novels or links to novels can be submitted to the contact us link or through query at

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