The Bourbon Kings

The Bourbon Kings (The Bourbon Kings, #1)The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Bourbon Kings by JR Ward is a book I desperately wanted to enjoy. I loved the premise. I loved the setting and I really loved the descriptions and the flow of the story, but for me, this book isn’t on of JR Ward’s best.

It’s the characters that let the story down. I like characters who have flaws but when all the characters have the same fundamental flaw, (they don’t/can’t/won’t communicate) then at best the characters are annoying. And that is the biggest problem with the characters in The Bourbon Kings. They will not communicate with each other. Most of the problems and issues that are faced in this book come down to the inability of any of the characters to act like real people. For the most part, they act like toddlers requiring a nap.

The descriptions of the scenery are lyrical and bring the setting to life but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to sway me as a reader.

I so very much wanted this book to be the best thing JR had ever written, and that emotion on my behalf could have skewed my view of the story but I can’t give this story a rating higher than 2/3 stars.

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